Saturday, December 27, 2008

GET WELL SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wats da damn thing happening to Malaysia Football???

national team.... total flop


malaysia's ranking keeps goin down

Lately many setback n upsets have taken place..wats happening to our national football team..its becoming from bad to worst...our dream of playing in WORLD CUP wil never seem to v even fail tremendously even at south east asia level..recently we were kicked off in da group stages of da Suzuki Cup..wats happening ..last year we were da host of Asia Cup where v got nail bitting trashing from other teams...being beaten wif 5 or 6 goal..wats all this...once we were da power house in Asia...beating South Korea..but c now..where r we.????????..South Korea plays in da world cup n even got 4th place in da 2002 Fifa world cup....but v ..?? cant even win gold medal for sea games...gosh..what waves has hit our country's football... where is da problem...v have changed so many coaches n all last for a year or two before becoming a casuality..SACKED..latest on da threat... B.Sathinathan..but he lucky escaped da facilities da problem...?that will b total bullshit...lets look at south america they have da necesary facilities....they kick balls made form rubber or coconut shell n play in da streets or sandy pathways..yet indeed they stand on da podium holding da top price in football history....da World cup..ok lets compare countries from Africa..Angola,Ghana.....with very limited problem... still they can reach da world cup...but why not v?? no need to go far lah...just look a IRAQ....where everything is not rite there...economy crisis...political peace....bad facilities..yet they becam Asia Champions last year where at da same time our country took part as part of co-host but failed by being trashed even in da group stages..keep in mind every single national athlete are provided with world class facilities in Malaysia.whats happening??? we played in Olmpics once upon a seems to b dream tat nvr will come true...sobz..where is da problem..Is it FAM???wat r they doin??? hoi press da alarm button we are ranked 150 in da world...who knows tommorow it may b 200 n day after tommorow who is goin to take responsibility??? who? something must b done soon cause realise are not Football is da no one sport or more clearly said da top sport in our country..not even badminton which has been da sole medal providing sport in olympics has that standard..where is Titus Palani.??? in France..n how bout malaysia son??no need to play is it...our stirker..v cant solely depend on Safee Sali..v have to bring new talents..hope da latest plan of FAM to banish da 3 quota of foreingn player works..our national team is so congested with veteran player...wen new faces are to come???.they play football like..dun know what to flop ...i know it is easier said then done ..but..its da pain in da heart which is unbearable ..every time v r kicked out of competition, promises not being fulfilled or kena trashing...DAMN.wat to expect if u dont get fan support if u keep on playing like this...of course people will b more prone to EPL, LA LIGA OR SERIE A..n not TM SUPER all in all who should take all da responsibility??? u or me???its actually ......... ????

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

apelagi blogging lah...

complement for my blog
hansome as always...ur hot or cold..????

yeah models 4 da ring

new F4 kavij....hahah just jokin..u r irreplacable kavij

is it a bird? it a plane?...its nothing actually wif horns?????

da QUADRANT pose

if ur hand fits...then u r da one who wrote it..

nice wil b better if u own da cap....

emo,dun know n finally no posing

in da quadrant

this is real....digging da soil.

wife n husband caught in action..he says no n he says yes

my new pet......

calvin, me, JPJ

im back again....just dun know what to blog...but some of my frens MOTIVATED me to blog sumting...n here u go this is for all of..u..ok recently few things happend:

  • bio project
  • pravind younger brother's bday party.
  • lepak

yeah...3 things ...ok first da bio dull boring this crap all... now i know advantage of being a physics student..had a hell of a time...went to skool n last saturday went to pravinds house 4 his younger bro's bday... fantastic day...went to his house wif resh..he picked me up as usual...kesian...i m troubling him alot..hehe...we had very sumptious lunch..n this week back to skool again 4 da bio project thing...did da quadrant...n then wen to skudai to a frens buy to spend some quality time wif abang kavij..i mean kutuk n reject him as always..he is cute...n then went to Jusco Taman Perling..quite big..but like damn caplang dull boring...this is a confusing post..damn holidays going of so soon.... confused bout her....time flies.....adios....wil b back wif a whooping post..tats a promise.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

nope its not dead...but its comin...its Christmas

barang-barang yang diperlukan
there it goes
finally after decorating

da wishing star

yeah...i meant it...da blog is not dead.n never is dead..unless i die..was not feeling nice for da past few days..somethings wrong sum where...what makes worstis that we have to complete da bio project haiz sakit kepala..ok....its time 4 another is just around da corner...which corner.?? i mean its near...not very long sumore bout 5 days.....wats christmas 4 me... nothing much... go church on da eve of christmas, go 4 dinner wif family(not always) , watch few programmes n off it seems it means too little for me...but its also da time where i meet my family members mum's side...time i get to terrorise da whole kampung...but not sure this year whether im goin are Dad is no feeling well...haiz sure every year got sum problem far for this year christmas...not much of preparation yet..but. after two years my christmas tree is back... it was slepping in da cupboard for tat long time..its now time for it to b stood still...decorated it wif da help of my sis...suppose to have 400 light...but 100 was given to mum's company for her christmas tree..n the other hundres..hehe..i spoilt it...i stepped on da plag n it came of...nvmind still got da year is coming to an end....still have not start studying....aiyoyoyo..anyway sayo nara 4 now.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Da heat of christmas in Lion City

view of novena square

got a glimpse of this cute christmas tree at MPH.fully loaded

yeah..... christmas trees for sale!!!!!

tats no globe its a restaurant!

nice art work

whats this instrument called????

look in da MRT....not da legs ah..hehe

can u belive it..its empty!'s all mine now.!!!

yeah tats what i called reflection of using physics finally
me all alone .......

bought my milk tea here...but look at da name..
tats what people do achieve their motives
" sweet talk"
da mall

yeah..once again i went to singapore...just me n sis....mum wil wait for me there after work as today is 1/2 day for went early...around 10 a.m..tat was so early...but well was it was so crowded at singapore took around 1 hour for me to be checked in...gosh ..took 170 went to kranji...from there took MRT n went straight NOvena...i was sitting at da 'give priority' seat...which means...its meant specially for those who need more like pregnant lady or elderly...while i was sitting...came in an old lady..i wanted to give my place to her but she was quite far i oso buat bodoh was getting crowded.n congested wif more people..suddenly an Indian lady approached me and ask me to ofer my seat to that old lady just now...i just got up..n went..gosh ...should have done it earlier..reached novena around 1 went to do some lepaking..untill i forgot bout goin church..just wen i was on my way to da church started to rain cats n dog..was so wet ...haiz reached church late...promise to meet mum at 2 pm... i did not attend mass oso... later met a cold shoulder blowing from her..haiz..i missed confession was like a total waste...disappointed...later took MRT again n went to causeway point...did some shopping..bought sum tidbits..ate n drank relly alot today...drank 3 bottles of milk tea... around 7 p.m. left for Johor bahru...customs was very crowded as usual....rached j.b. n was goin through da old Jb custom...hehe...this custom is not goin to b used anymore starting next week gudbye old customs opening soon..anyway tats all 4 now..sayo nara

Thursday, December 11, 2008

SwEaT n SmElL

everyone buzy playing n kavij is buzy posing
gurpreet wif his lame posing...alaga n dinesh as handsome as always
n kavij sleeping on my smelling da board...complication
form da Jingga game
Plain day....colourful day....infact it was a sweaty n smelly day....yeah it was another adventure this holidays...more or up at avoid being nagged by dad...refreshed my self..n off i went to PERBADANAN PERPUSTAKAAN AWAM JOHOR....haha finally got da correct i always mentioned it as ''library nearby convent"..reached around 8.45 am...da library was still close..waited for 15 at 9 it was open...quickly put my beg n off i went book da discussion room..waited n then resh turned up...a while later dinesh.gurpreet,alagarajan n kavij turned we had our bio discussion..was very nice..interruption at times..after da discussion....played was something like TRUTH or DARE block is for dare n green for truth....damn i accidently took dare n my task was to smell sumones feet...yeah i did tat smelled gurpreet's feet...ewww damn smelly .v played what v learnt was ...who said go library must study....can play oso not good at playing carom..bein a while since played tat...alaga was well as resh equally after da game v went to Dinesh's car...met karthik n Dinash long already since v jumpa this guys....v oso met Jess...she was waiting for her fren...Kavij was so so so so happy to c her..erhem..ok nvmind..had our lunch at Kebayan Foodcourt..and of v went to City plaza to play futsal...alot of time was wasted in between as Mr Navin da so called time waster was up to so many problems...ha leave it..played futsal like hell...hmm stamin improved..better than last time....yeah everyone was sweating....n of course v do smell..great day n managed to catch up wif frens...da bond is getting stronger...finally its F&F...figure out da meaning urself
Part 2
18sx-warning do not enter this section if ur below 18
manged to snap some pics at City Plaza nearby da bar...hmm limited edition T-shirts..u can never get them no offense..all pics are T-shirt designs..dare u wear all this t-shirts!!!

good certificate..worth a value

brings limitless meanings...what pops in ur mind when u c that?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Damn! Guess wat?'s lepak again

3 handsome young men...... it's complicated

da proclaimed 'lepak King'

he concentrates da most wen it comes to eating...
you jun u have a competitor

hmmm....u want ....come n get some..!
in ur zinger is my zinger and its oni mine...

collection of shoes....guess which is mine?

look at him...handsome as always....clean shave
next Gillete Model.....Mach 3 turbo

animal farm.................where they stay together

its Gents n no smoking please......

cool day..tiring day...tats what i got to say...this is not any new basically da description bout today...lepak wif frens again today....planned long time ago...intially oni 3 of us confirmed of coming..but in the end..yeah....go again...the geng was went to Cs super early..9.45 a.m...was to meet Jpj n Kavij n Navin at the end..none of da chaps came sharp at 10am..people remember had a few minutes of left alone time...hmmm...straight went to level 5..cs food court...sat near da huge glass wall..n was in my own world again..dreaming n thinking..unitll navin came..later followed by kavij...n finally next v went out of cs.....wait a minute...i thought v were goin to lepak..owww...goin back home ah?...hey cannot b idiot....v tukar port more AEON JUSCO TEBRAU CITY....simply cause we were sick of cs..alwyas lepak its time for a new took bus from cs went to tebrau city....reached bout 12pm...straight away go level 2..check da movies..later was joined by came finally..then we went for our movie...TRANSPORTER it...n guess wat...after da movies we were joined by Dinesh..good..tats wat v we played daytona...n later on ate lunch at was finger licking did sum my old nandos nepal frens DEvi n Arjun..went to Harris Book store....around 6pm Gandhiban v catched our next movie BOLT...ok ok onilah da movie..Kavij went to withdraw money..funny thing ended up withdrawing 10 bucks,.,,but duit tak keluar...leave it 10 bucks gone tommorow who knows u get 10 milion bucks lottery lol hehehehehehe .it was getting v left n went to da Mamak's...drank n had a few minutes of quality chat...n then as time was jeolous of us...v made the move...resh sent me back home...hmmm...wonderful day....
lesson of da day...
money comes...n money goes...
people come..n people go...
life comes n goes
but oni once...