Friday, January 30, 2009

yahoooo.....CNY galore....

YEE SANG..........
is this a bachelors's party?

lame posers

for real...makan bola, tidur bola..minum COCA-COLA

collection of ferrari's(not real ah..replica/fiction)

new Padini ambassador/model

eheh..nak juga...baru nak tuck-in baju

all time favourite...BURUNG n eugene....v miss u burung

rumah takde air...hehe

spent so much time here 2day....

triple-H in da making.....

im back..back..n back wif another post ....up or down or east n west..its time to blog,...alright i was invited to go for open house at Eugene's at 12.30pm resh picked me up..he drives me as personal driver..haha so v went to perling..proud of both of us..v didnt know where da hell perling was(not really) but managed to reach there with no problem...reached bukit indah's petronas at 1pm waited for alaga for a long time but that HERO doesnt seem to appear ..he calld us n even claimed he was at da same petronas..later v realised v were at da wrong rushed there picked him n off v went to Taman v reached da Sutera Kuning Street.. v passed da security check post..da security asked where v were goin v told him..n he gave us a weird look ...but told us how to get v went anxiously to that particular house tat eugene told our suprise ..tat house look like some vacant haunted house..damn... he tricked got da rite address n v reached his house..v were welcomed warmly by his mum n he himself..not many people there..his house was cool...loved it..later on we tossed da YEE new to me....first time doing this..... n i wished three thing in particular wen tossing da yee secret anyway v had pizzas, coke, cookies ,daging salai n etc.afta tat ..v took eugene sent alaga back n headed to Jusco Bukit indah..we lost our way n ended in da Perling Highway..wasted RM 2.30 for bought a teddy for Eugene's sent him back..n off v went to Jusco Tebrau City..lost our way again at setia Pravind came to da rescue..then later went Jusco Tebrau City..watched movie wif gan...Bride Wars...i enjoyed da movie...created havoc in da theather..then gan left..v headed to tesco..bought stuffs for pravind v left..n went clubbing...yahooo...forgot tat place's was more like a bistro..received a warm was..erhemem...yeah for a while it was no more raj or resh or pravind ..its now Sam, Roger, n ...great...loved it..pravind sent me back home ....great day spent wif loved ones....suppose to b tudying ..but just cant...oh gosh STPM is just a few months away n me..still like those days n resh predicted that while we chilling n lepak....90% of STPM student in EC...will definitely b studying...yeah good prediction...for this year wasd da best...first time open house..never had this kind of things b4...thank u Eugene n Family for their hospitality...not to forget da ang pau' ya..n of course u i know why i was meant 4 f6..i relly learn alot...from a life hater to a life lover....Thank U GOD>

Monday, January 26, 2009

promised fulfilled

yup as promised in one of the post(last year) it goes.... my timbalan kapten badge..da name is not tat clear..nvmind..its fulfilled

Happy Chinese New Year


Monday, January 12, 2009


pretty same n lame 4 me...its 2009....its STPM..i wonder i can even get CGPA .atleast 1..not sure whether i will b takin da exams are not....cause its gettin tougher..of course not easier....yeah its so in da virtual world...yeah it seems close..but a face-2 face contact proves it all..its all buat bodoh..or just dilema .going in gengs..or goin alone.its shy...its scared..its lame..its lookin down on ownself..tinkin 2 much.its all bullshit...race n look plays n important factor...u cant still understand all this while i had done for u..oh yeah just forgot...its virtual world rite...i tink if its same..i mean da charges..... sure can one ...but i was taught different charges attract.for good..imagianations run wild..yeah people...if till da last day dun have any goin to unbearabe pain for all that have been..poured out..all that has been wasted..finally kept just as oni memories...bitter ...why its decided..i taught we decide our faith...yeah its witten..i wonder if there is GOD..yeah there is...i was da a ward..out of womb... c da world..just like tat...v will never know what happens after death...sumtimes i wonder how i wished i was a worries..its all its so nice..tats da best bit of life...not a natural life hater...but have to ....its just starting...not yet game over.dun know what to choose....a or b as long as dream is reached.but when its time if i have to go ...i will definitely go..i got no life is decided by i want it but dunt get it....tommorow i get it , i dunt want it anymore .but i have to take it..dun know what am i goin to miss.its monumental must go on..but how many times must jatuh in da loop hole..difficult to get up.lah.if paralyzed..gone lah everthing...this week is important as many things are scheduled..about to to take place..heart is heavy ....its to float it.its seems like da olden mood no motivation...every second run n counts n never seem to stops...but when????....yeah so u tink death can solve all..mayb ..its peace..people say to die..but where u go if u one knows if relegion is one no one went there n came n back to tell this every second of life matter what darkest yet da ugliest....I PRAY FOR U....U R MY LIFE.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Admitted in Hospital wif Dengue

flowers n fruits from veno n her dad
ward.....n da beds


After reached Jb after balik kampung..was till having next day went to hospital Sultanah Aminah ..what da was crowded like was impatient so he rushed me to Puteri Specialist...was consulted by Dr Diong kok wah MBBCh(UK) MRCP(UK). I was asked to b admitted...tat was on thing that i dont want to but....i was suspected to have they took my blood..n was admitted a two bed patient room...the other patient bside me was an old man...suffring from gout n told resh ...but he dare not belive..finally he was convinced..admited on 30/12/ was difficult for me to move as my was given was painfull but..had to ake it.if i moved much it bleed in da tube that was attached to my hand..yeah da drips cosist of 0.9% of soduim chloride n 5% of first visitor was my uncle...followed by my mother..nite time managed to sleep day in da morning da doctor came n confirmed i was diagnosed wif dengue..oh Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!.have to agree..the nurses there were quite attractive...cun next day fever turun a bit..was sad .The thing was im in hospital on new year had to celebrate new year in hospital this year..nite time Jaya n Vicky visite me...followed by veno n her dad..thanks after they left mom came...she was petty sad..not to have me this new year counted the time myself...just my handphone ..wif ticked..12 ...a new year a new beginning....a new thats my new year this da hospital..haha..da next day my fever resided totally...i could go back home but...da doctor as my blood count level was still low...76..ideal blood count for humans is have to sad ...skool goin to start soon n this year got STPM n im still stuck in hospital.that noon the uncle beside me was discharged n i was all evening came in another gosh it like hell he had around 20 family memebers in da was so noisy..i hated it..but just relaks...finally on da 3/1/2009.. i was my blood count rose to more vsitors today ...karthik n uncle Mathavan n family..thanks people..seriously i hated hospital dead boring..but my inspiration grew... be a doctor n later on a Specialist...have to work hard to achieve it. the nurses were overall freindly..especially two young nurses who talked well wif i enjoyed a bit gain some knowledge too..the hospital food was good i have to mention... so finally i will like to thank all my frens n family who cared for me so much...who consistantly prayed..thanks people..without u all i wont b back stronger than ever thats IM BAck from dengue...yahooo...

christmas....balik kampung...(25-29/12/2008)

thousand meanings for u...sole meaning for me
my cousin Harolyn..dah pandai posing kecil lagi

warm welcome from grandpa

BBQ Nite

even grandma drink's Shandy

finally he slept....had fever 2

what u want?

there's no christmas without shandy
me at home on christmas eve.

this year christmas was special like always....yeah went back to my home town KAMPAR..the place that i love..the place that i was brought up...that place which hides all that fond memories.... where all my loves went there on christmas up early in da morning...preparred n left..the journey usually takes about...6 hours..PLUS Highway...was very happy as it has been six months since i steped my leg on Perak land...was even more delighted as i was given da oppurtinity to drive...drove from Pagoh to seems easy to drive on highway...but tats not rite..cause...on high speed da cornerings are slightly difficult...n cutting lanes have to b careful...while driving i realised...i felt cold..eventhough it was very hot outside..i though it was stopped t seremban...n was Dad took i rested..was not feeling well...body ached..i just taught it was reached 4pm.. saw da my grandma...gave her a hug..n wished all at home merry christmas..yeah im glad i was back in my hometown....suddenly my body was hot i thaught it was a normal just biar...had open house at nite...many people came..long not seen ones...the house was so full...around 10 the crowd all my family memeber headed to my unlces house...i was left just wif my other 3 unlces n granny n grandpa...ass i was not feeling well.. so after a late dinner...went out wif my Priest his fren n had a few quality moments of chat at Bandar Baru..was feeling cold again..reached home around 12...took pain killers n went to bed day got up..was feeling very heavy..was having very high fever...oh eyes was swalleon n red.. was rushed to said it was normal fever...he didnt even take my reached home took bath n rushed to St Anthony teluk intan..after that me n my uncle went back ..mum n my other uncle went shooping to buy BBQ day was a big day i was feeling better after takin nite time had BBQ..invited all family memebers n all villagers..ate not much as there was not much of appetite..anyway i enjoyed alot..was still waiting for my bestie cousins from klang....they are not here have to spend time wif my young cousins...Harolyn..7 years n Bashley..1 years old...very cute children..n after BBQ did some cleaning up n feed Brownie(pet dog)..tat fellow was so happy munching all da leftover bones
Next day went to Hanuman offer prayers n food..its my family's traditon to give makan every year..worked well....noon went to ais kacang every year wif all family members...reached home in da was my last day there...tommorow balik already..kind of sad...late nite then oni my bestie cousins Nadena n Darren reached..even da time v had was so little it was quality next day..was kind of sad...sayed good bye to all n wished Hapi new year..n left kampar...left my mark there..yeah again a wonderful trip to my hometown..was not in best form as was not feeling well...did not capture much pic for that many pics which was supposed to b very beautiful even a pic of hornbill but tak jadi capture...was melted by family memebrs care n love...i love all of u...before balik i saw tat...a ignited fire in my grandma's eyes ...her flowed to me ..n i promise i will fullfill it..definetely for sure...i thats all for that trip...will have to wait one year to go back ..again so bubye people...i will b back to rock again next year..sayo u all...

im back

it has been a while since i blogged...... yeah was stuck in hospital for five days ...wif dengue...had to celebrate new year... in hospital...nway....this time im goin to post in a bulk..... all that was left out...many things should have been done during da last few days of december....important stuffs but all foiled....nvmind lets think its for good oni...ok....a new this n that....many things come up to my mind this year...n da most important of all... goin to do it this year...wif such bad results last no 105 in da whole skool...over 151...nothin to b proud of ...have to buckle up..4 flat is not impossible..but its not easy aswell...lets c....met this special person in life....was in good progress..but disrupted at the end..can go on..but i think i will put this on hold...cause have a great task to accomplish..but from time to goes on...question arises as in da meantime...if this person is snatched...hmmm..i will say..let it not lucky n not meant for me then..furthermore rival making his mark nowdays....its ok must go on..but its distracting..have to control....btw...everthing must go well..hope to have a better year compared to last situation is still 50-50...i mean da education..this itself is a what im doin now is to give da best...want to b back on those revival days...people will want to do this n that n change this n that this new year ..same goes for me...but what i want THIS NEW YEAR....IS JUST TO BE A BETTER PERSON......YEAH..hope its not too late...HAPPY NEW YEAR