Sunday, March 29, 2009


campus experience....UTM

senthil, dorai, mk, karthik n me... my godness now oni i
know how DARK I am.
my bed.....

study table.......

my gurlfren.... heheh just kiddin

resting on my bed

since wen i studied lah????

karthik wif a great pose

me alone in dewan kuliah.... listening attentively

pehhhhh.... market seh

me n karthik.... sempat bergambar in dewan kuliah

Dewan Kuliah .....................

last week.... on da 21&22 March....i attended.. a seminar organised by SMC(sri murugan centre)... this seminar was held in UTM... fantastic 2 days... went on very fast.. enjoyed every second of it...
First day ---21/3/09
who else if not dad.. he sent me 2 UTM. reached around 9am.. seminar was held at P-19. wen reach oni looked 4 frens but could not find any. later on oni met Karthik n Alaga. had a light breakfast of donuts n tea. Then da ceramah started.first chemistry n then maths... very experinced teachers...THis seminar did not involve oni Jb SMC students but also students from MUAR, KLUANG n even MELAKA.. coooool.. wat i realised was....most of the form 6 students especially da boys look very big n very matured compared with JB students(exceptional 4 Dorai).. ceramah ended around 6+++.. so v had da next activity conducted by UTM students.. its was LDK.. i hate this stuffs... was paired in a group wif different students... volunteers were being asked 4 group leaders... suprisingly i did not voulunteer myself... so a gurl was asked to do so...had to agree she looked quite attractive ..hehe.. when our group discussion started... all of my grup members kept quiet... haiz... wat else..i had to start da convo... in the end i had to present da whole ting...image i had to present it by myself infront of a huge crowd of people in da Dewan Kuliah... tats definitely not a problem 4 me... i was helped by two other members.. afta tat v had our dinner... n our rooms were n alaga in a room...apelagi projectlah...hahaha.. so v reaced our kolej kediaman... v were placed in da same block where foreign students stayed...managed to get a glimpse of a few niggers... n a guy with just his underwear on... spotchecks were done to confisticate cigarattes n alcohol... first ting afta putting our stuffs in da n alaga rushed to da washroom to have our bath... later on v just lepak at our room... b4 kathik n hervin turned op...karthik was attempting to do sumting to me..but neh... i manage to escape..hehe.. v did went to a few guys room.. nite was pretty good...wif boring n lame stuffs done by dorai... n M.K... then v headed back to our room... Yugan came after tat... v chatted for a while... my fon vibrated was former supervisor.. chatted a while wif her... n chatted a long while wif yugan until kena halau by our was 1.30... me n alaga did some chatting b4 v dozed offf..

Day2 22/03/09
got up early around 5.30am... got ready n packed up... boarded the bus n headed to P-19 again... had our breakfast...n headed to dewan kuliah 4 Biology seminar..suprisingly oni 5 boys..n around 40 gurls 4 da boys population extincting... hehe.. after that v had a second LDK..damn i hate it again.. wei..this time da activity was quite interesting... it was bout marketing... v got to choose a product n market it... i was paired wif few others in group 6...but i wanted to change to group there was this gurl who i wanted to talk to... not that im havin a crush or wat..jut interested to talk to changed group wif yugan... alomost kantol with da faci.. nasib baik... i was made da group leader this time... apelagi create impressionlah..... v decided to sell watch... pretty good group i must say... very cooperative... oni 2 boys including me and 8 gurls... i manage to talk to this particular gurl... n even made her laugh... cool wei.. so there were 10 judges... v have to impress da judges.. v tried all our best to impress da judges... n finally da activity was over n it was time to announce da group failed to get any stars..that did not entitle us to win seems out of the 10 judges..oni 3 were da original n the other 7 were fake..n da original judges did not even come to our booth...i mean they came n went... great.... but i was awarded da best marketing(individual)..yahooo..was given a gift.. tats great... it was time 4 lunch... was good... then i had P. A seminar..was good 2.. tat teacher was a die heart liverpool fan... he can say goodbye 2 da title.. hehe.. den da closing session...was fed wif new motivation... had a light tea break b4 ..wanted to ask no. from tat gurl who i talked in my group..but nehhh...i had PETA...>.< time 4 all this..hehe...sincere mah...mange to talk wif da UTM valuable tips.. dad came around 6... karthik followed me ...sent him 2 kip mart bus stop... b4 heading home.
had a wonderful time at UTM.... got countless n payless advice from seniors n all... had wonderful moments spent in da University... a promise i will say to myself ,....I ASSURE N DEFINITELY WILL GO TO wont b a normal university but a WORLD CLASS university.,.. this is a promise ..this is definite.... a lesson learnt ... nothing is impossible .

Monday, March 23, 2009

holidays ran 2 FAST!!!!!

its was da holidays..more or was another holiday which went without a warning... just flew like wind..tiem is running up...didnt relly want to during da holidays grandpa was not well.. he was admitted into hospital.. very serious.. entered rushed to perak...2days spent in da hospital... while in perak managed to visit da tree... where da Dewan Rakyat assembly was held... many people n reporters were there.. n to my suprise da next day my family's photo was published in newspaper(Malay Mail)..its bout us visiting da tree.wat a coincidence... ate alot during my was good..nite time went to a shop named SABAR makan....very approriate wif da name as v had to wait bloody damn long for da food...stayed in a hostel n not a hotel...not bad....grandpa is ok now... thank God...its was next post will b comin soon..its bout my stay In UTM...
this is where a dead body is put in to transfer to da mortuary
nite life in Ipoh City

compared to Kl...its relly dead

nope..its still alive..beautiful

sis n aunt waiting for food... 4 sure their stomach is grumbling

mum smiles while unlce munches on fruits as starter

wondering in boxers...........?

gua batu kapur...perfect view from my hostel balcony

hostel here i stayed.....Y.M.C.A

side view... has a squash court n a field

president quality.........

smelling da air of IPOH

da tree where da state asembly took place

crowded wif people n u can c....1 of da reporters askin Q wif my uncle

flowers..? when has this place become a place of worship

perfect banana leaf..... wif butter chicken...chicken tandoori,
chicken black pepper n mutton curry.... ,mouth watering...delicious

new way of frying fish ...Fring on top of banana leaf

hmmm yeah....its da Mortuary..Jabatan Forensik

a view of da hospital

Friday, March 13, 2009

Its not dad's bday, eitheir mom's.... its my b'day...Rajkumar's bday(04/03/09)

suppose to post this long time ago..but nehh..wanted it to b da it took time.. yeah i was born on this particular day into this particular world... bein da first child for Mr & Mrs Chelladurai...i brought in joy into this world ..givin them da first experience of being DAD N MOM... uuuuuwweeeeeeaaaaaaaak...uuuuuweeeeeeeaaaaaaak... i cried... born sharp at 5pm in Sultanah Aminah Hospital... out of da womb i came... i dun remember who i saw first but mum used to tell tat da gynacaeologist who took me out also had same name as me(thats not how my name was originate). So this year in 2009 im celebratin my 19th bday... i will recall everthing i can... to give a full account of what happend on this very special day...

Time:11.55 p.m.
Music: dreeeetttttt..dreeeeetttttt(fon vibratin)
Temperature: <27>

My fon vibrated it n stopped..owww it was You Jun.. givin miss call.. after a while it vibrated again.I answered. He said hello n started talkin unimportant stuff..wait i thought ur suppose to be in bed rite(taught 2 my self) or else mummy will scold u..he talked n talked n suddeenly when da clock ticked 12 a.m. he did da honour... he wished me hapi bday..yup.. this guy was da first one to wish me on my bday...thanks dude.. while talkin to him... i got a cross was JPJ ..could not answer his call. After You Jun put down was Dinash's(abang liwat) called. He wished me 2.. After him it was.. Pravind a.ka.cynide..folllowedby Gopi.. n sum unknown guy who wished me on behalf of Vimal... followed by navin raman.. he too wished text msg from You Jun n Priya.. JPJ was still callin.. but im still on da line.. sori man.. then followed by sms from Gurpreet a.k.a burung. I sat down.. kept tinking.. wow... first time in my life so many calls n wishes with just half an hour n then went to sleep..

Day: Wednesday
Time:3.25 am
Music: What bout now, chris daughtry(fon msg alert)+++++ dad's snoring
Temperature: 27-29 celcius++++windy(air from fan)

woke up suddenly wen my handphone rang... received two text messages from 2 girls...1 form Veno n the other .....erhemmmmm.. both wished me hapi bday.. wonder what this two gurls doin till this wee hour of the morning.. then thanked them instantly.. got reply from erhemmmmmm... so was texting for bout an hour.. then off to sleep again at 4.30.

Time: 5.45 a.m
Music: Tokyo Drift theme music.(phone ringing)++++ phone vibrating(sumone calling)
Temperatue:27-29 celcius++windy(air from fan)

Yeah alarm rang as usual...i snooze it.. but suddenly woke up as my fon was vibratin like hell..oww it was Veno... she called me n wished... she wont b comin to skool 2day as she is goin 4 MSSD athletics.... cleaned up n got ready.. reached skool early. headed straight away to bilik pengawas..waited for ameirul.Satish came n wished me..Jayaseelan 2.. so went ronda together wif Ameirul... while doin ronda... at Zon Utara.. all da prefects wished me in serantak form.. wow... relly didnt expect this from them n then Ameirul wished me.Had to do briefing today even though it was a wednesday as we had an internal problem which needs a resolution soon. Entered class a bit late.. Jpj n Calvin wished me this time.. followed by Priya.. Jpj was insisting me to open da cupboard but i didnt want 2..dun know why lah... after MUET..THiva gave me ferrero roche(hope da spelling is correct)..yeah this was my first present of da day... oww it seems da reason Jpj insisted me in opening da cupboard is bcause Thiva has put da chocs in so wen i open its a suprise..sori gurl for spoiling da plan.hehehe. After that i n JPj walked to da toilet passing resh's class.. while passing many wished me.Resh Wished me...n resh asked me to come in as he wanted to sing bday song but i declined.. then in my class Chen hugged me n wished me 2..then followed by my whole class ...where all of the sang me da birthday song.. During recess saw alaga.. walked wif him..down da stairs n i was advicing him bout wearing slippers to skool(his legs injured during TLSS futsal) saw this gurl wif her fren...for da first time in this year i dared myself n said HAI to her..n she wished finally da drought has been broken...i talked wif her...Yoga wished me..n one unknown F3 fellow wished me 2. Not to forget Puven who wished me aswell..PN aishah n Cik Noraini 2 wished after recess had briefing again.. bout da same matter that happend in da morning..still no solution.. suddenly You jUn stood n asked all prefects u sing me Bday song..yup they sang it again..thanked them n headed to class.. got P.A marks ..was disappointed.. sad... n JPJ told me not b sad as it was my big day.. Had MPM for chem... then maths...Ina n Lavanesh N Hasib wished me.. n U.A oso wished me n offered a hug..but i declined...

Time: After skool...2 p.m.
Music: Bday song+++ whacking people sound+++++in pain sound...
Temperature:27-31 celcius(class damn hot)

had TLSS meeting.It was post mortem 4 This year futsal..expressed my views for this programme.. After meetimg was over all present sang me B'day song n 3-4 hell of a whacking..I was asked to sit later by my frens..while they prepared sumting for me at resh's class..out of no where navin came..i was guarded by Dinesh n others..while waiting Sharemellah gave me a cake (stop no scandal ah) from Karthik.... after waiting quite a while i was ushered to Resh's class.. to my suprise... it was a birthday bash//party just for me.. i was given a birthday card which i must say da biggest i ever got in my 19 years of life in this world.. it was signed by various people...mostly Kumaresh's classmates n off course my buddies... even MaYee(ant)'s signature was frens took da trouble to force him sign....i was totaly speechless wen i saw da card.. look through it... it seems sum people who i dun know at all wished me.. another b'day song was sang..with another painless 3-4 comin ....great.. later on i was asked to give a speech by all..n indeed i gave.... n i was given presents n all.. after tat da main even..makan like hell..tossed da drink relly didnt expect all this..what a suprise... relly was happy. After cleaned up... v left for C.S. On da wasy to C.S i singgah kat public bak to bank-in money for grandma

sum say its sammy vellu in da makin but for me better

Pizzas...superb love piza hut...was employed twice there

he is drinking sum cheap bear wrapped in plastic
Thai Song kot?????

Its my turn now...while Gurpreet look on like he
has never seen anyone drinkin b4 in his life

look alike.???? mayb ...... me n Dorai

drink all u can You Jun.. dun stop....!!!

Its a brother love for a sister......

shake shake pls.... i dun know how to do so..
says navin ... while i shake professionally from da
7 times hand hand experience

Still sinle and available.....3 future leaders of Malaysia

Group photo...perfect post people.... navin does looklike a grizzly bear

Time: 4.05 p.m
Music: Mixure of various sound..... from vehichles(outside cs) mixture of various music form
various songs played
Temperature: 24-27 celcius(c.s. is air conditioned)
Wen reach cs.... Tva n You jun pulled off as they were late for tuition. Wen masuk cs oni...resh ran amok(not really) he rushed to da toilet for whatelse if not what he loves to spend on time with.. went to MCD n waited for Dorai, Gurpreet n Dinesh n ALaga. While waitin met Anas... he shaked hands wif me.. WTF..once upon a time we fought ...where he brought his geng of more than 30+++ fellows to whack me one person..alone..past is past.. later ,all them reached n resh was very fresh.. than ever.. so it was my turn to apelagi... COOL BLOG lah... went to third floor .. singgah kat while the rest were waiting for da drink... Dinash pulled me aside n started to talk bout my future...i told him bout Peta Dunia... yeah... he advice me.. what he is tryin to tell is exactly true.. thanks macha. After gettin drinks.. while walking we saw a Vivo pizza woker.. he was distributing pamphlets.. so we bullied him by circling him.. he was a foreigner... he look very blur..sory man... v r just playin. so after that v headed to popular.. I n resh bought a new calculator(FX 570).. while tat Dinesh bought a gift for sumone special. Later on we lepak like hell.. at da groung floor... centre stage... my frens sang me another bdays song n i shouted "ITS MY BDAY" alot of people were lookin.. so that was last n off v went back home..
In da bus..i met Vimal.. a former EC student.. talked wif him b4 Mahesh(not sure of da name) came in.. they told me Vinod's dad passed away in an accident..sori 4 him..reached home around 6.30 pm.. while walkin it rained ..luckily i had an umbrella.. to protect my humungous card... wen reach home i looked at my fon n there was msg from Hazel n Yugan... there was a miss call from karthik 2..called him n thanked the rest.

receipt.... no foto kat this is da subtitute..
waited 5 minutes for this

Time: 7.00-8.30p.m
Music: none..oni da tocuhing feeling
While waiting for family to get reaady to go ut for dinner i manged to camwhore abit... so 3.2.1 take a look at theseeeeeeeee

all da gifts i got......

pose wif da card i got

takde asap lah!!!!!! I wont forget u navin

Bond in makin.... future Olympic Gold medalist for shooting..
Malaysia first ever gold

Relly wanted this n u gave it to me...thank u sis

King R..... thanks alaga... baps.....

how i wished i had cake everyday..... cakes from karthik n Sis

how to didvide equally for 4 person ah.???? Thanks Tva

tat proves it..look at da size of da card.....

Time: 8.30 p.m.
Music: Mixture of various songs
Had dinner in Secret recipe.... first time eatin there... even though used to have cakes last time.. ate 3 cakes...i must say it tastes mega marvelous... i had Black papper chicken ... n iced chocholate.. after ordered food..i called granny n told her its my bday..she was so sad that she forgot my bday..nvmind grandma...ur blessing will always be there for me... so she wished me..then followed by my two uncles...
eat sis.... eat... tats what u do best....

Secret Recipe Black Pepper Chicke

cakes ...delicous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stopt tinking mum... eat... Dad's goin to pay da
bills...... so no worries

he helps himself..... tats da way ...way 2 go

iced chocholate

After dinner....
after filling my stomach n my family walked a little... there was a car exhibiton so apelagi... a car junky 2.... managed to get glimpse of BMW 6series, Mazda RX 8 n Nissan Fair Lay..after lookin through i called resh n talked wif him...cause today if i make any calls to any maxis no.... its free of charge ..its a bday special from maxis. even though the cars look cool n nice ... they are all recorns..

Mazda Rx-8

Nissan Fair Lady

Side view of Fair Lady

My dream car......but i prefer M5 or 2 series compared
to 6 series

Bavarian Motor Works

side view of six series

At home
Reaced home in 15 minutes. Called resh n chatted wif him.. the called dinesh then grandma
and talked wif them.. called jpj but he dit not answer my call.. it seems im relly using da reward.. after that called resh again... n b4 it ticked 12 we end our conversation... while i was in bed Kavij called me.,...its way past my bday as its already 5 th march tat time, but i dun care cause ..he remembered . thats more than enough lah.. he said he is comin to jB end of that week.. thats even cool.. after finish talkin ..i set da alarm n dozed off...
had really a great day of my life.. i have celebrated my previous bdays in my house, in big restaurants, granny's house ,parkson n even in a bus(2006) but what i can say is...this is one of da best birthdays of my life... last birthday in skool... yeah...sobzz but just love it...i will like to thank all my frens for makin this day so special.... relly didnt expext anything from them,,, they have poured out all they could to make my day so special..i will never forget this.. never ever ..i love all of u so so much.... im 19 now... finaly year got da word teen in my age.. n final year wif no 1 in my age before hittin digit 2.. wow ..its so fast..i still can recall at times wen my mum will say that she just feels like givin have given birth to me yesterday n so fast today im already 19.. time flies..many things have taken place this 19 years of my life...what can i say is...definitely it relly has decorated my life... 19 years ago i was born in da hospital with an umbilical cord crying out of the womb .... n after 19 years im sittin right infront of my HP desktop blogging da event of my bday...wonder where i will b in 20 or 30 years time... settled inlife with da person im in love with with a da job im dreaming for?... who knows whats whats.. whatever it takes im goin to give all i have got to get all i resh always says... the end products will definitely b somnetin that makes me happy...particularly... i have 3 wishes for this bday.. thats my bday wishes.... so day of appreaciation of birth... i dun think so all this will ever have happened if i have never entered F6..mayb even this blog will have not existed. So finally i will like to thank God....n thak all my frens... for this wonderful day... last but not least HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAJKUMAR