Tuesday, May 19, 2009

life sucks..love fucks

dont bother after all the title...its just a quote which i have created....n to da faint hearted...its definitely not my principle of my life .... its true oni sumtimes.. mid year..day after tommorow.. single shit preparation.. as usual... not much ..what planned did not work.. sobz.. today.. a day just like any other normal day..boring..n sucked.. summarised ---- feeling like rubbish.. needed oni on times of needy or else.. dun care.. packed class.. nothing entering head..lolipop being passed through a middle filament..hmm... yeah.. sobz..irritating people.. keeping things in mind talking whats in mind..cowards..despair people...who dun know whats happening to their life...over reacting people..walked off...... missed class.. non stop repeating stuffs by that relaxed man..back to class.. climb stairs..tie shoe lace.. proclaimed 'sudah handsome'... kept climbing. a gurl n guy wif bookkkayyy..talking...dah agak... sit in class.. walks two people who have da ability to carry child in future... n goes back in a while wif one getting sumting passed indirectly... hahaha... laughter hmmm..abang DKK.... n tats all...b hapi end of the day,...fought all that could...have given all da best..but sucess is not guranteed...confidence......tats all.........bye

Saturday, May 9, 2009

its a saturday

The worst days of my life seem to continue... its just tat i want it to keep going..i been doin all da stuffs tat a f6 student shall not b doin for da past few days....alright..2day i had sum pleasant day.. woke up early lah as mum's at home... my plan 2day was to go CS..lepak... but its not going to be easy as mum's at home..sum how around 10.45am manage to cabut... dad sent me to CS.. reach there oni straight away went to cinema... took ticket 4 X-man..must saylah...great movi... after that headed to bank wen resh called... after banking money.. masuk cs balik.. lepak for a while ..suddenly out of n o where met a guy who wore specs like a bapok..its no other than Alaga..ajak him balik in resh car.. masuk tuition lambat..so kena lecture from da staffs there.. after tuition headed to pelangi.. lepak for while before heading home... reach home oni kena lecture from mum..so without thinking twice.. went out to take a brisk walk.. as i was walking past da foon yew skool..saw alot of people there.. decorations n all.. as it was wesak day,.. at da same time i saw this guy.. Kok yuan.. a 6AD guy clad in his St.John uni.. saw his car too.. laughed to myself.. continued walking b4 heading home.... i had sum day 2day.. but to b honest did many bad stuffs for the past few days..like lying to parents..and after so long i Smoked today.. harga dah naik .... sebatang sekarang dah Rm0.70.. n many more which i cant think of.. many sorrows in my heart u c... im glad to at da same time.. bcause.. da remaining three HINDRAF leaders detained under ISA have been released.. great.. da motive of this release.. is still unclear ..whether it is politically motivated or not..nobody seem to know.. its good as long they are out... LONG LIVE HINDRAF....last but not least... this quote which was expressed once upon a time..kept appearing in my mind..... again so apelagi...pour out againlah......

semasa kecil minum milo ais kaw
apabila besar minum teh c kurang manis

so...it seem nonsensical...but believe it or not...just tink bout it... u will definitely realise sumting....