Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a week of mixed motion.

After about a week workin...i guess i have picked up...i seem to enjoy my work n have been settling back... kind of ok..... last friday n saturday was my off day.. had a well deserved rest n lepaking.. friday was a bit dull..as i wanted to c a skin specialist ..later on went there to find out da clinic was closed..rushed ot cs to watch sherlock holmes... nice movie..but almost slept in da cineplex....saturday was really good... went out wif pravind..lepaked in cs.. for about 3 hours..did some shopping too...went to jusco later on. ate papa roti..went back to pravinds house had a lovely dinner served with full of love..n went to ulu tiram to sent some stuffs to pravind's uncles's house..before having a terror ride to permas jaya to pick resh.. and off we went to Zon...on da way there...got a few words of sense from resh..yeah wat he says is true.,.... just forget those fucking things in my life... dun have to care about those who dun care..... saturday nite was full of drama.... realised what a person can do if he is drunk.... u just dun know what ur doin..sumtime u do realise but u just cant control... way out of ur hand.on da way back..home...pravind's car jerked...n to our horror the car stopped..guess wat??? v were out of petrol..so had to stop a taxi to go to da petrol station...some urinating experience which should not b shared here..haha... that taxi driver charged some amount that is truly a cut throat..useless idiots forever.... had a great nite..a great blast..thanks to the Bacardi Boys... united forever..

Part 2
yesterday i got my muet results... im so happy about it.. not to brag or show off by putting my results here n there...i just wanted to share a story.. bout what happend a day before my muet reading ,writting n listening exam..this is a true story..i learnt a valuable lesson of life that day... it was a friday... like always after skool.. CS again... i was drinking cool blog that time.. nice .,.nice.. reached home ard 3..striaght away went to bed..slept..got up in da evening... had my bath..n wen to my study room to study for da MUET exam which was tommorow.i was trying to find da book which was my only sole study guide... n to my suprise... the book cant b found anywhere..it was like da whole world was going to end..how da hell am i goin to b prepared if i dunno anything...my skool has terminated all muet classes after da mid year muet exams.. i almost forgot the format n how to start an essay..my heart was beating fast like never before....adrenaline pumped ...to da greatest level... this is my second time takin muet... n now it seems like i will have to retake again..an idea struck my head..why dun i drop by popular n get a glimpse of da essay n format...as there will b so many MUET book to read..but luck was not on my side again.. my dad wanted to go out..so i had to wait for him to comeback... he came back ard 8.30 pm... n i rused to popular..it was like almost 8.45 pm... i rushed in... n started to read da books... i tried to save some bombastical n nice phrases in to my fon.. so i copuld read it back home......i was there like about 20-30 minutes ...suddenly i heard an announcement...that popular is goin to close now..just in a few minutes... that is what i call da biggest setback of da nite... it will b a waste to buy sum thick book n doin notin to it by nite..im not goin to burn da midnite oil eitheir...as i regret doin it once..but i got a glimpse of this one book which was quite cheap about rm 5..which contain all da test which satisfy in MUET EXAM..all da parts..n it too has a complementary cd.. took cab n came home....took blessings from my mum before starting to study..did sum exercise.n did listening before dozing off...
of i wen in da morning to do da exams.. i did well.... just scared bout my reading....n after all da hardship i went through that day.. wen i saw my results yesterday... im so hapi bout it.. i got wat i want..i will like to thank my PARENTS, my FRENS...n PN SELVAMALAR..who has been guiding me all this while... giving me lessons..past year exams papers..n da necessary motivation n clearing my doubts..i owe my sucess to u..n most importantly i must thank GOD... da band 6 draught seem to continue..da last in da records was Desmond Poo.. this year for MUET end year oni 3 from my skool got band 5... i really hope da band 6 draught will b over..all da best collegians...i will like to recall.. wen i was doin my muet mid year..my heart beat fast..i didnt have my mind on da papaer..it was sumwhere else... tat was last time.. n this is now... im back better n stronger.... adios...

Friday, January 8, 2010

a new year.... a new beginning

its a new year.... i hoped for so many resolutions ..but all i can say is...its backfiring... eating, wasting money n slacking... goinn to work but dun seem to benfit..no overtime....no allowance... burning money like never before.... i assume all my frens will b saving n earning big bucks... while here imn struggling n competing..... it has been almost year .... today..or shall i say ..yeasterday was ur bday... ur 20 now....no more teen in ur age.... time ran so fast... remember wishing u past midnite last year...n this year i wanted to do da same..but..i tink it will b better to stick to my promise..anyway...hapi bday.. God bless..b hapi always... no point for me to be indulging in it... sum times i do have regrets...but wat comples me..... its a lesson of life.. once again i dedicate this post to u...sum may say im stupid....i just dun care.... the truth can never b hidden...at sum point, at sum corner at sum section of my heart is still filled by u.... signing off....