Monday, June 29, 2009

its time for a break.....

peaceful taman......majidee park

mom's favourite plant..african fern..
flowers every 50 years once...still waiting

its goin to rain soon.............

thats really a huge tosai....its called paper tosai...

mee goreng MUTTON

mee hon goreng vegetarian

roti tisu

restoran vaanavil..buka 24 jam...

today n yesterday was full of emotions.... despair, heartburn, sick, hurting, n much more...fianally got da solution...all i need is just a break...n start back better than ever..for sure..stand up like a man n fight for what i want..thats true.. but now its just a break ,............. so than rather snapping pics of events n people..n etc..its time for sum pics of my own taman ...n not to forget da food.... all right back , better n stronger than ever... i will win this time...confidences soaring high.....there's no defeat..i know what i want n no one can stop me from gettin it....IM BACK... this is my 98th post... dunno wen i will b loggin after ...its time for a BREAK NOW..c ya soon

Saturday, June 27, 2009

canteeeeeeen dayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

perfect parking by a rider who loves this phrase
"its not bout the ride but its bout the rider"

first pinch some....

next feed each chappati i ever had...
fed by a lovable person

mari beli DVD by bryan....... dorai look on....
while thiva's hair catches da camera again

a caterpillar...secret of sucesss for da tasty curry...wakkaka
kiddin oni

got up at 6.00 am.Its a saturday..n its a school day as v have to ganti 4 hari raya..its goin 2 b a galore in E.C.. its canteen day in conjunction wif Hari Koperasi. Went ronda wif alex in da morning. then headed to my in some tables ...had to run to f6 get in tables.what a phew of sweat..on da way to my stall i found sumtin that look familiar to looked brown ...n was a bit ugly..wait......... of course its not shit...its science club tickets.. two movie tickets for da movie nite at the museum... some poor chap must have lost it.. after that headed to dinamik for chem.. torrid time there.. gave da tickets i found to eeling..after chem took my stuffs n headed to my stall. the heat of canteen day was picking up...shouted all i could..this n that..peak of my voice promoting my food..tamil society sold.. vadai, chapati, choc milk, papadam(no one bought just that ujun n gurpreet curi n makan for da papadams)....had games too like carom n darts 2..not to forget mahendi corner..doin hennna.. wakaka.. today had explore race 2..hasib was talkin big as usual... wen da race started, v gave all v got...goin checkpoint by checkpoint..i even slipped a few time..injured my hands..but da spirit kept igniting.. finally reached da final checkpoint first..but its always setback in the end..v did not get enough clue.have to blame da fasi as they werent efficient n there was so much trouble. like always hasib lost da old proverb goes on da empty vessel makes the most noise... fianally v had to settle for second place.... was given prize by karthik at dewan.. took a photo da time v came back the sales was superb hot..vadai was sellin like hot cakes.... superb.henna superb 2..da st.john were back 2 from their trip.. walked here n there, sold this n that, met people.. heart lup dup deeper.....shouting to da top of da voice..n competiton form stalls ard., sharing n feeding, n much more unexplainable stuffs relates me da best canteen day in EC....da last one as a student...headed to tuiton ard 2.30pm.reached late..after tuition went to leasuire mall 2 watch transformer..but was detested by had makan at MCD b4 heading home.. a superb day of my life which will never b forgotten.. days are numbered.. STPm comin,142 life's comin to an end what i can say more or less... lets enjoy all v could... love u gurl much more than matter u dunt want to c me or love for u never fades.. last but not at da least..thanks tlls society members(expect a few....) who were there helping n sweating for da all of u... not to forget da ones who made da whole event much perfect till da pick of perfectionist...resh,shan, ..eugene.kathikzzzz.n many more hidding behinde da scenes... thank u so much..not to forget...da king of por passed way,,,,may michael jackson ya 2cheeriomate

Thursday, June 25, 2009

every drop of blood counts..............

today was someday i describe as down , down ,n down... reached skool on time.. went for da usual ronda wif alex...captain wont b here till tuesday.. had briefing.. lashed out everything that was in my mind.. not to forget da F-letter word..intorduced a new system called PREFECTS EVALUATION SYSTEM(P.S.E) just like da KPI..on ministers... entered class late.. it was maths 2 ..wat else can i say... gonelah..i dunt understand anyting already.. followed by bio..tried concentrating.. but just cant.. then came a a bsmm n st.john member ..inviting us to donate blood...met resh n had a few words wif him before entering da john members n bsmm members were everywhere..very dedicated to their job....after da blood n pressure check...was given da green light to donate blood..waited anxiously...finally my turn to donate..donated 450??? definitely can b litters....saw a few things which kept me even down..haizdunno man im confused...fuck offlah... was still buzy wif stuffs eventhough was donating blood..after da hospital attendant removed da needle ..i rushed to get up..but was asked to sit n relax for 5 min..wan qing helped me ...n put on a plaster...thank u gurl... then rushed to bilik pengawas.. took da interview book..settled da stuff..rushed to form 6 block ..met resh there wen i realised that my hand was bleeding... the blood was flowing non-stop.. resh rushed me to da dewan..its was time for help...nehh.. pn selva malar was there to assist...while da St.john n bsmm members just look on or shall i say buat bodoh...... wat a disheartening thing..its pointless keeping stars or crown ...or even stripes...wen u dunt know how to treat people..or b alert of whats happening....i though they were so called MBBS degrees holders..form the way they reacted to few incidents lately..shame on u..all donors was suppose to b given food..after donating blood..but da ding dong who was incharge of distributing food..was buzy wif sumtin...that guy must b da worst mangkuk jamban i had ever seen in my life....sobz... could not concentrate in class eitheir... ponteng maths. 1. after skool met pengetua minta kebenaran for senthamil puthir.must say that one of da ladies in da office was damn kurang ajar..... had club meeting b4 buzzing off to tuiton... dad kena saman today ...just for da sake of wanting to fetch me from tuiton... H1N1 has attacked jb...convent n SDJ kena when is EC.? that will mean holidays..... hahah.. not performing well 2 nowdays.. sad.. heart's not rite.. whylah? dun seem to get education as well MPWF..sad n sayo nara...........

Friday, June 19, 2009

aftermath of the holidays

monday was da day i was lookin foward..its a new term of skooling...planned n decided many improvements in myselff n all...n guess wat...its a slack after all.... first slack.... got up late ..da particular morning.. reached skool..had perhimpunan..... n my blazer is not here yet...sum ding dong borrowed it but havent return it to me... finally one guy came.... its no other than ungku salleh's son..gave my blazer..i was lazy to wear ...look very fat in blazer summore.. so left it in bilik pengawas... kena sound from pengetua for that.. normah too didnt miss da action.. slacked in perhimpunan too..wat a humilating morning.. heard a gurl fainted durin assembly... hehe no worries got St.john to handle...professionals.. who consider themselves doctors...haiz.. but still i tink da best to wake sum1 when they faint is just a simple sprinkle of water on da face..a traditional indian method most of da time seen in movies.. day was not goood after all.. tuesday.. was ok...i heard there was a problem in Dinamik... cause of U.A.. haiz bila lah nak insaf..the week was bad after all.. but got sum input i must say.. but studies wise,,, it was time for mid year exam results... got 1 B- 2c+ n 1D+..pointer 2.1 sumtin..n im targetting a 4 flat for stpm.... failed maths...comin to think that i slept wen maths 2..yalah..didnt sleep da whole nite..watcin man u champions league final.. kalah seh...sobz...hmmm..not impossible but a da same time not easy ..... it ran so fast.. 149 days left for stpm..not even prepared at all..or better said never did any week goin to b buzy after all... startin from monday ..lagi orientasi, kantin day, interview n all...... 2day was in cs ..lepak all da way alone...nice 2..lonely world..deep thought entering mind n all..a remarkable bad week.. hope for a better one ...pray for me...

Sunday, June 14, 2009


MENUJU ASPIRASI 4 FLAT..................



Thursday, June 11, 2009

Seminar STPM kebangsaan SMC (UM)

Event: Seminar STPM Kebangsaan anjuran SMC
Date: 5,6,7/6/09
Place: Universiti Malaya( Fakulti Sains, Sastera, Akademi Pengajian Melayu)

Day 1(5/6/09)
Yes...yes ..yes..its another seminar..this time ard..its in UM.... so it was an early morning for me. Got up around 4.45 am..could not sleep well da whole nite..very excited bout da day.. after washing up..dresssed up n off i went to SRK(T) Yayha Awal..its da pick up point..was said that we were supposed to b there punctual at 6a.m. as da bus will leave sharp at that time..wen i reaced..yeah..i hate to say this but its indian timing.. the bus was not even there.. da bus came ard 6.15 am..but v still cant depart.. as one of our students met in an accident ..its Vivyah.. so had to wait for her..she suffered minor injuries oni.. so ard 7.30 am v left. picked a few other student s a t skudai n off v went.. to Kl.. alaga broke a secret to was a horror to me..a great shock.... slept a bit in da bus.. reaced UM ard...1.30.. was given instruction by da Fasilitator.. we were placed at Kolej 3 checked in our facilities here is way far bad compared to what i got in UTM..cant complain much as this is da oldest uni in Malaysia.. so rested a while before going for lunch..Had our first seminar at Akademi Pengajian Melayu..Bilik Kuliah..(forgot) got to cuci mata abit..first seminar was Bout P.A. .cool i must say da teacher.. v had to walk to da various different dewan kuliah for different seminar..this is to give an account of uni students life.. after tea had to go for bio semianr at Fakulti antique building i must da tables b chairs were still made of wood..very hot too..had two hours of bio before having dinner..then continued wif was boring.. met a senior named Agilan.he was doin bio-medicine.. in USM.. ver nice guy.his name is Agilan.after bio ended headed to KoleJ 3..was given drinks..before v headed to our room to sleep.

Universiti Malaya... could not get da best pic.. so this what i can get...

Kolej 3...where v stayed

the dormitories

getting a short nap b4 heading for seminar...while
down there Senthil takes a deep breath

No malay,no chinese,no indian....Just One Malaysia

Day 2(6/6/09)
Got up early in da morning ard 5.30 am..cleaned up... i set da theme for n white..i dressed up in that theme..even my socks..had breakfast..then walked to fakulti Sastera again. had Maths for two hours..pretty good.. then had a light refreshment.. then had another two hours of maths before lunch.. after lunch a few undergraduate studnts came in n shared some of their experience .. followed by Prof.Dato. DR. Thambirajah inspirational speech .had tea break before chemistry seminar..very good to.. had dinner before continuation of another two hours of chemistry..seminar ended ard 10pm..we walked to our kolej kediaman.. today v were not asked to go to sleep instead was asked to go to Dewan makan.,. Dato S.K devamany was there.. he gave a beautiful was malam kebudayaan..had alot of food..i walloped alot of ice cream..mayb 10 cups..haha.. fantastic nite.. later on went to sleep.. but could not do so..something's wrong wif alaga.. after a while its all great for is da day he will never forget in his life..its... da day he found his ****....congrats bapok...hahaha..slept ard 3am..

UM's rubbish bin

malam kebudayaan...guess who's that tall guy?

everyone enjoying

Day 3(7/6/09)
last day up a t 6.45am..latest compared to all the other was da last one to wash up.. had breakfast...i must say here that..i ate like hell all this three days,..double or triple the amount i used to eat...fatlah me..walked to Fakulti Sains.. Had seminar for PA2.... great teacher... but i was so sleepy..yalah slept oni for a few hours last nite..suddenly my fon was karthik.. the msg stated his latest quote LIFE IS A FUCKIN JOKE...BUT U R THE FUCK he asked me to put this in myblog.. here u go man u wish accomplished..before heading for recess..from each SMC centre nationwide, two students were called name was called as well..i though they need some carry food or wat..but was.... i was awarded top student award for UP 2.. great how on earth did i do that...wen i barely anwered two Q for maths...thats what i call GOD"S GREAT... had ligh refreshment where i took it as an advance lunch...after that..had some motivational speech n was given da best student award..out of 20 students...oni 2 were boys n one of them was me. hehe.. was wished good luck by all of them..took photos n headed back to kolej 3 where had lunch..n cleaned room before logging off... great stay..took bus n da journey back home started... chatted n sl;ept all da way...stopped a t pagoh a while where we camwhored a while..reached jb at 7.30pm..great stay.,..
great seminar.....have 2 admit im wasting my holidays playing n all...4 months left..not prepared at all...but lets forget ting that plays in my mind now is 4 flat....MENUJU ASPIRASI 4 Flat which was chanted in UM keeps playing n has been buried deep down my heart... yeah next time i come UM ..its definitely with a file ... n with an application form...thats not very long .............but thats next year.... c u soon UM

seminar pengajian AM

our room before v left

overgrown children

sori forgot to capture in night mode


apelagi....da most loving guy..satish n me

im da next bond..yugan on my left n baps on my right

alaga n satish

up n down

never been in a playground b4 i guess

talk no evil, hear no evil, see no evil

its all a waste if there is no lame posers

was goin to melaka..while on da way saw this accident which i capture
wow......... kereta terbalik..........

Friday, June 5, 2009


algets n choco.......baju sama putih rambut sama hitam tapi hati lain-lain

tis photo is worth a million.... guy who rarely shaves his moustache

hahaha..... all lookin at me... eddie murphy...

hey kavij call..... SAPU now

handsome, more handsome...damn handsome

the item is now on sale......

this is my merc oni belongs to me..... n oni me

suppose cant snap da pics..its probhited..but managed to catch a few
tat one in yellow is no doll but a liquor bottle

collection of alcohols

he drank..... he drank........finally u proved ur 19 ...small giant

save water drink beer..thats da can....

Dolce.....favouritin club

shall i open?

nehh not now.,......

shall i open....???? want or dun want

nolah no need to openlah....wait i know how to open r not?

open onilah...haiz,..cant wait already

sweet smile that never fades.. both of them..great prospect for DARLIE

the game..sharavan.. i wanna pee he says

5 agile guys....2 in relationship..3 still single
its complicated...............


no need to go rome for spa lah..eden oso got...

stulang scenary from eden poolside

what a beauty look carefully where da hand touches..zoom if u can

again..another view...look carefully where da hand touches

yes.yes, n yes... v lepak once usual no studying just lepaking..hmm at 12pm a white kancil honked infront of my was no other than the brothers...pravind n resh.. so i got out gave some glamourous wave ..while da laughed like mad seems that laughter got to do wif my moustache.. sobzz.. i will shave soon dudes.. while leaving my taman got a glimpse of goh heng tiak face...a sign board wif his face infront of his house stating ''BEWARE OF DOGS' haha.. first headed to Pan GLobe..parked da kancil there..met CHOCo..he is sure very thin n tall.. fianally..but one ting..da small boy look on his face doesnt seem to disappear.. then v headed to food court..where v chat, laughed n had hell of fun..been missing all this for sumtime..thats the time came in this guy who i seem to was ALAGA,..with a disappointed face he came... hahaha..finally man its da HUNNY..heheh..poor fellow... v bought tickets for da movi v much anticipated to watch... TERMINATOR SALVATION.. must say here that da staff who v purchased our ticket was quite arrogant... haiyo baru trainee dah nak buat muka cibai...bitch..... v rushed to fisrst floor to get some bread form seasons.. before heading for da movi.. reached a bit late.. movi started already.. made all sorts of noises like hooligans.. love that.. we sat in rows of 4 two rows.. while da movi was on.. rubin gave comments n elaborated bout da movi....wat a spoiler he is.... afta movi had some huffing n puffing.. went to take at Pan Globe.....v waited outside..while pravind took da car..he drove towards us n v rushed into da car n ran away without paying ..its just bare rm 1.50..but da fun we got was awesome.....went to leasuire mall to catch angles n demons..wat a waste .its scheduled aty 9.10pm so batal lah plan .......went for bowling instead.. after that heaed to E&Y for dinner..nasi campur n telur mata lembu.. cheap n economic..wakaka.. saw eugene there..poor fellow...for da sake of wanting to c us..he missed his ride back home.. afta eating...v headed to stulang... went n inspected liquor... wow.. cuntetlah'...da price also cuntetlah.. hahah finnaly i bought a can of beer..Heineken...first time in life... im buying beer.. it cost bout rm 4.20.. v walked around near da clubs n u know that stulang is famous for da clubs... i drank beer for da first time..must say it was good.v shared.. da can of beer... five of,shravan,kavij,pravind n resh. wow wat a kick.. then v headed to da pool side..of Eden Garden Hotel.. a great scenary of da whole stulang...superb.. saw sum of hot chicks too nearby da was still early... so not many lah.. before leaving pravind bought some satay munched on n headed to town..where v visited..a place.. no much elaboration ...oni rating 2/10..hahah..kavij initially refused to come but in there he was da most excited one..n wanted more...haiyo haiyo..abang thats da last destination..sent shravan n kavij to bus stop..later on pravind sent me back home,..another great day of my it love life... goin to UM to get up early..4.30 am n im still blogging now at 12.30 am...ahaha..many things are yet to come in this second week of mid term holidays.. things which can bring happiness., sorrow, n much more...fate will b knows soon..all da effort being put.all da sacrifice being put... lets c da outcome i come UM.. cheerio