Friday, May 7, 2010

life in k.l

IVAN LAST nite lepak....Ivan,vivas,coogen,me, saiful,arul
same pic..just that harish being the extra one...

dressing room post....coogen, satish n me

annalakshmi in kl..very much better than in jay bee

atmosphere ..really divine......

even panties have deep msg embended on it....


front view

my first lRT ticket


tink about it.......


coogen back Time Square
the clown
it has almost been almost a month living in the capital was hell for da first few days..felt like want to run away..back to jb....but now i have finally settle down ...enjoying every second of my life.... i really thought i have wasted my life coming here....but i truly say i made the rite enjoying and at the same time im studying n learning to b independant...ample of time spent in the mamak's is definitely a waste of money....but to look at the positive blogging from here now.. did hated the traffic jam here..but im taking it positively at least i can spend the time to get a short nap....playing a lot too... but look how many people know many nice people..better than those fuckeduppeople in form 6 which i encountered..racist..n pure look at the confidece i built...once upon a time i dare not talk to gurls..not any more for now i realise i dun need any special gurlfren for time being..enjoying my singleship..till da max..i believe even if u have c crush on anyone..that doesnt mean u will really love them... so basically thats for now....will b blogging soon..... with much more charisma......hehehe.....