Saturday, February 28, 2009

Futsal TLLS 2009

like any other day..i was so lazy to get up early in da morning..but just cant help it..its another sporting event ..its futsal again.... n this time im organising n playing at da same time.. reached skool around 7.10am.. morning itself got a setback....JPJ pulled of due to limping! wat a stupid reason..he played n practiced da least...n.. now got problem plak.without further delay started wif all da work.. so sharp at 8 am..the first match..for da under 15 category.started.n me as da refree..n resh as relly helped me alot..with da fouls n all....our match took place at 10 was agianst satish's team..v lost... our next game was against a Mirosh's team.. tried my dribbling skill..but it just went wrong here n was so frustrating..n finally alaga passed me a through ball...its empty...i brought in da ball further...n gave a shot...n off it went was a GOAL... many said it was a beautiful goal... thanks 2 my team members.. da following match was against Tana's team(da eventual winners)..v played defensively...finally da tarik skill worked...i dribbled past two people..but lost da ball in the end wen i attempted to do da rollercoaster. .v played n played.wat else..lost again...after that...v pulled off from da tournament..some members left 4 tuition n no more matches for us now..... da beautiful game of futsal was spoilt with amid of controversy, arguments n rough play.... normal lah..i became da refree again 4 da under-15 game as it rain wen da match started... so again it was a relly tiring day..enjoyed fully...learned alot too...n to my team mates...u all are simply da best... u gave wat all of u got amid of all the troubles u all had.. love u all.... n finally it was superb day...pain gone finally...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

total screw up...its agony again......

after two days of test...its such a relief...finally its over..just felt like just STPM is feelings...was not scared of this test(like always)...pretty confident in da begining..but all started after going through papers by papers..its seems impossible to get da best n maximum results..DAMN...usually first monthly tests are the ones to score wif great distinctions....but it is all the other way around...not anymore in Upper Six..overall i wonder whether i can pass chem n maths are not.? seem AIMST university entrance door is opening wider n wider for me..n my form 6 days are can this struugling...sometimes da question that comes to my mind is....DID I MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION? neh....dun know... wanted to top in this test but wat i can say is ....its just another FLOP....!!! feelings becoming increasingly stronger..mixed feelings, bad feelings, no step is being put...basically all steps n plans are arranged but...frankly..i got no GUTS to face her...evertime i see her....seriously my adrenal gland n thyroid galands start to produce more n more adrenaline n thyroxine... geeting worried if this valuable property of mine is under threat of being snatched....DETERMINATION.... the q 2 me nw is whether I WANT OR DUN WANT? anyway....good luck 2 my ownself 4 tommorow ..its goin to b a doomsday...results.......sayo nara..... WILLAWONKS

Saturday, February 14, 2009

LoVe Is In ThE aIr...HaPpY VaLeNtInE's DaY

A+B=C(never mathematically proven).... ABC..nice to drink/eat....alright enough of crapping back to buisness...Its 14 february..a Saturday.coincidentally its a school day..Yeah people..its VALENTINE'S will b easylah for anyone wanna propose or make da game point move ....things wil b much better if he or she who u like is in da same skool..enough of that..its back to story..story..story n story

In School

Like always..not punctual..reached skool at 7.15am. Instead of goin ronda, i went straight away to Block was crowded the entry gate to the block was still locked..look at every one's face was normal..i cant c anyone romantically aroused neither emotionally fired up. After the gate was opened..everyone rushed just like'' rumah takde tangga ' while me n my hommies just chilled. Entered my class..pretty full(this is unusual as my 5 years in Ec, saturday skool was just a ponteng day)..saw most of my chinese classmates exchanging chocolates... yeah valentine's day mood has jusned ignited. It was maths in da morning followed by Chemistry.(very stressful). Recess time Resh offered me an orange ball..took it..n later gave it back to him..after recess it was all da lepak subjects.Its P.A n MUET.. Wen i reached my floor..saw a large crowd..concentrated towards the Toilet..which is situated at the end of the block..i think their houses got no toilets lah..haha...or mayb wanna breath in the pleasant smell of toilets..actually the story goes like this..all of them were there for two reasons. Some wanna catch out some crap ting done by some junk ass.... where sumone used natural elements like rock, stems n grass to express "I LOVE U" And the other one is some fellow wanted to give a gift for a gurl he likes..yeah.yeah.yeah..IM IMPRESSED. So after all..Valentine's day is just pretty lame like always for me.Same old thing..Normal suprises nor anything..Biasalah.
6-1-0 I Love U.....understand or not? read the numbers
separately in mandarin
n u wil definitely understand.
Bio Section. Burung Section
Specially for U Mr Gurpreet a.k.a BURUNG

Lepak own side..specially created by me wif da help of Alaga.
Not to forget Dinesh n Gurpreet for bringing da tables.
Curently n always da best spot to lepak n chill out. Gaining popularity.

So important n famous untill da calender has picture out valentine's day.
I wonder whether important days in our country like National day or
Hari Malayasia will b pictured are not???

After Skool, before tuition
School was over at 12.10. So time to head to KFC as Dorai wanted to belanja us.(You Jun dun b jeolous wen ur reading this). Before v headed to KFC..i had to help Kishel to bring her she was wearing some sort of pants(so short) which looke like not wearing any thing down under(no heart feelings)She was afraid Achai will sound her. Took her car at front of skool. Drove n shove it.Pretty smooth..but cant betak my baby(Proton Waja) After that headed to KFC.This time it was small group in,resh,alaga,dorai n naga. Ate so much ..n i was so full. Later Naga pulled off so we four headed to tuition. At tuition i realised that the orange ball Kumaresh gave to me earlier was a chewing gum..he offered to me again.apelagi CHEWLAH....very sweet at first but tasteless in the end...just like sumtings in life sweet in da beginning but tasteless in th end.

standing strong while sleeping n cathcing photos.....
close my eyes......

where u lookin at Dorai.???..while other munch on.....
rumah takde makanan ke?haha just kiddin..Ur so geniouslah!

After tuition, before going home
Singgah kat pelangi kejap.Wanted to c how was valentine's day there..last year could not do so eventhough i was workin at nandosas ....i worked morning shift ...balik at 3. So this year wanted to c...but it was nothing much here compared to CS or JTC which i tink wil b better i guess..Went to popular ...not to buy books but mineral water(like always especially wen resh is around)Watched some dance preformed by some Dancers...oklah..Suddenly i was approached by sum gurl...dun recognize her..oww..finally i knew who it was..Its MAG..she wished me n i wished her back.fon vibrated it was apelagi baliklah.

special moments? what the hell is this?

how Plaza Pelangi Looked like on Valentine's day.

boys n gurls...dancin...look at da bottom of da states
"selamat tahun baru cina" im not forging his pic into my post or
wat. Its just shows Pelangi Berhad is good n practices 'REUSE'
concept well.or better said..."STINGY POKERs"
1-2-3...chill lah.... no strip n all lah.wasted seh...nvmind..haha
Natijahnya, pretty normal day. No much of fun or excitment. Oni few heartbreaking things known..which make miseries worst n worst. Valentine's day is normal like any other days in a year. To all those who have or want to make a move ..carry on..good luck n dun waste time ..cause time wil never wait n at da same time dun make hasty decision. Some might make this n that frantical move..but neh...wats mine is mine...Not to condemn anyone...but for ME..being single is good..having entered my 19th year of problem,no wasting money, life, time, or and even saliva n etc. Some ding dongs..just know this day to celebrate wif girlfriends or boyfriends..but dun know what's da history behinde valentine's day. Valentine's day is celebrated to show appreaciation or as rememberance of ST Valentine's for his sacrifice for he made for his he was not suppose to do so as he was involved in Some army stuff which barres sumone from being in a relationship or lead toward matrimony..dun want to elaborate further as i dun want my post to b some old history review just like Kavij's blog. So is the day to celebrate wif loved one's ranging from grandmother to matter who.... its a day for ur loved a nutshell.thanks Dorai for the that fantastic treat...n to all .........HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY.

Qoute of the day.....
Giving someone all you love is never an assurance that they will love you back! Don's expect love in return.Just Wait for it to grow in their heart but if it doesn't be content,it grows in YOURS.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

he is 19 finally.....

big munch...sleepin..handsome as always...n resh askin Want Sum?
like never eaten before ..munch on people......burung wif his lame pose

today is friday.its 6/2/ wat?...yes what....its Resh's buddy birthday..bestie... so went to skool like always..lame mornings..wif a bit kapten went in first..i went later.. afta ronda headed to my class..sat at my very own LEPAK SIDE..was chilling ...few of resh classmates were restless... i saw one even bringing a cake..waited quite long till resh turned up..he was brought to da class...i heard da uproar n all...i wanted to go..but..hmmmm...nvmind...two reasons...first of all bcause of da sadeyens..n the other for a private reason..but i should have went..its no other than..its resh...its point crying over da spilt milk....he gave me a piece of cake..while he celebrated i chatted wif karhtik at his class' lepak corner.. da day was dull n bored ...nothin much wif chem...n maths in da morning...later did another celebration for resh at his class where this time da cakes were replaced wif burgers..his favourites...he got many gifts..i presented him a bottle n he threw his bottle away...tat was also bcause of me...for filling his bottle wif tap water from da toilet..but he should have not done tat...haiyo...nvmind tats his ethics...bought a bottle at popular...saw..erhemmmm at cs...hehe.. no look..i m wondering whether tat person dislikes me or wat..haiz..haiyo...afta tuiton v had burgers n tis time it was bday boy's spending..had a few minutes of quality chat while eating burger nearby plaza pelangi b4 kena halau by guards...n tats all for tat day..great day....n finally once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY RESH.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Im goin 2 die im not goin to commit suicide..nway..i mean if i continue goin on like this..matilah...i mean da studies not has been a while since i studied seriously...oh noooo..its STPM.... this is da worst start to an exam year compared to UPSR,PMR, im struggling now..last year everthing fucked up......dun know where it is goin to end...DAMN

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day blogging

lont time already since i blogged bout da daily event(not special event..just normal)alright here it is sunday 1/2/ fast ..its already up late today..went to SMC..late as usual...hmm smc is not like those days..itsd dumb dead boring nowdays..wif a bunch of nerds studying n studying like hell..all of them r smart no.da average joe n far behinde..there was this guy student...look very smart too..answers all Q...but ..hmm damn poyoh..haha...lesson went on boring as some stern warning from MR.Sara..he said that if v put on little effort(wat v doin now)..its impossible to get an A...u wan to go public u...Get da 4.0..tats it..nothing else..oww gosh...that sent chill down my spine..gosh ...have to do sumting..but i dun seem to change...chatted da whole 2 hours wif algets durin 5pm came back home then rushed to church..tiring still scared bout STPM ..very very little effort is being scared..damn...stilll not confirm whether or not i will b doin other options..but cant make a good decision ..i just sneaked from my hw time..suppose 2 b doin hw now....but just had da feeling to blog...dun know why..haha...sweet heart buzy today..hehe....most of my family membas sleepin now...haha gtg now..have to finish chem hw..or not mr .chw will b ready to screw me down...hahaha...gudnite......